Promising Penny Stocks: Potential Bottomed Out Plays (COCH, AGRI, MIRA, HRYU, MGRX)

11/6/20235 min read

In the fast-paced world of stock market investing, the allure of discovering hidden gems can be irresistible. If you're on the lookout for opportunities that have the potential to soar, then penny stocks, often referred to as small-cap stocks, might just be your ticket to a promising future. In this watchlist, we'll focus on five companies to monitor for potential price consolidation and any signs of increased trading volume that could lead to upward momentum.

Envoy Medical Inc. (NASDAQ: COCH) - Envoy Medical, Inc., based in White Bear Lake, Minnesota, is a hearing health company at the forefront of pioneering medical technologies. With a commitment to enhancing patients' quality of life and independence, we're advancing hearing technology beyond the conventional. Our revolutionary Acclaim® Cochlear Implant is poised to redefine the field. Unlike traditional cochlear implants, the Acclaim utilizes an ear-anchored sensor to capture sound, tailored to address severe to profound sensorineural hearing loss. It's designed for adults deemed suitable candidates by a qualified physician and received the U.S. FDA's Breakthrough Device Designation in 2019, marking a significant milestone in hearing-focused medical technology.

Last month, Envoy Medical, Inc. unveiled a significant milestone with their investigational Acclaim® fully implantable cochlear implant, as highlighted in a recent clinical publication in the Journal of Clinical Medicine (JCM). The publication reported that all three surgeries for this innovative device were successful, with patients experiencing hearing upon activation. This device, designed to address severe hearing loss, is expected to file for an investigational device exemption (IDE) in early 2024 to initiate a pivotal clinical trial. The Acclaim® cochlear implant, a fully implanted solution, aims to revolutionize the field by eliminating the need for external components through an implanted middle ear sensor and rechargeable power supply. With a small float of just 2 million and trading at a fraction of its previous value, it's a stock worth monitoring for potential recovery.


AgriFORCE Growing Systems Ltd. (NASDAQ: AGRI) - AgriFORCE Growing Systems Ltd. is an agtech company dedicated to developing a cutting-edge platform that harnesses top technology, intellectual property, and expertise to address the pressing issue of sustainable crop production and nutritious food supply worldwide. Our vision is to lead the global movement in providing plant-based foods and products using an advanced, sustainable agtech platform that fosters positive change from cultivation to consumption.

Last month, AgriFORCE, in partnership with Desico and Radical Clean Solutions Ltd., announced their participation at EXPO Guanajuato 2023 to showcase AgriFORCE/RCS Hydroxyl Devices, powered by RCS technology, at the largest Latin American AgTech exposition from November 7-10, 2023. These devices, recognized as a top 20 innovation at the EXPO, use hydroxyls to safely eliminate pathogens and VOCs in the air and on surfaces. With a reduced float of just 1.3 million post-reverse split, we'll be closely watching for any increased trading volume as a potential indicator of a rebound.


MIRA Pharmaceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ: MIRA) - MIRA Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is in the early stages of developing a unique synthetic THC analog, MIRA1a. This compound is being explored for its potential in addressing anxiety and cognitive decline in adults, particularly linked to early-stage dementia. If FDA-approved, MIRA1a could offer a groundbreaking approach to various neuropsychiatric, inflammatory, and neurologic conditions. Initial studies suggest that MIRA1a may provide an effective treatment for anxiety, cognitive decline, and neuropathic pain with potentially fewer side effects compared to THC.

In September, MIRA Pharmaceuticals discussed the development of MIRA1a at the Cannabinoid Derived Drug Development Summit. This new compound offers unique properties not present in THC and potentially fewer side effects. Dr. Adam Kaplin, President and Chief Scientific Officer of MIRA Pharmaceuticals, presented pre-clinical research that demonstrates MIRA1a's potential to enhance cognitive performance, reduce anxiety, and address neuropathic pain in mice. Currently trading at approximately $1.50, down from its $7.00 IPO debut in August, we await further updates from MIRA Pharmaceuticals and remain vigilant for any potential consolidation in its current trading range.


Hanryu Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: HRYU) - Hanryu Holdings, Inc. is the visionary behind "FANTOO," an exciting social media platform. FANTOO brings together global users who share common interests, offering unique services and technologies. It's a multi-media platform for users to connect, share, create, and engage in a vibrant community centered around entertainment and culture.

Last month, Hanryu Holdings announced their participation as the main sponsor for the Asia Model Festival's main event, scheduled for late October through November 2023. This collaboration aims to boost FANTOO's brand recognition and user base within the Fandom of Asia Model. CEO Kang Chang Hyuk expressed enthusiasm for celebrating Asian cultures and k-culture through this partnership. In addition, they signed a $2.58 million service agreement for mutual growth, utilizing unique characters and Nature Republic XFNS products to expand brand reach and revenue on the FANTOO platform. With an IPO debut in August at $10 and current trading prices slightly above $1.50, we'll closely monitor updates, consolidation at current levels, and or increased trading volume for potential upward movement.


Mangoceuticals Inc. (NASDAQ: MGRX) - Mangoceuticals, Inc. concentrates on creating an array of health and wellness solutions tailored for men through a secure telemedicine platform. Currently, the company recognizes the burgeoning demand for men's wellness telemedicine services, with a particular focus on addressing issues like erectile dysfunction (ED). To cater to this need, Mangoceuticals has introduced a novel line of ED products branded as "Mango" (inspired by "Man, Go!").

This month, MangoRx announced its charitable initiative for November. During this men's health awareness month, the company will donate 50% of its branded merchandise proceeds to select organizations supporting men's health issues like prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and suicide prevention. Additionally, MangoRx launched a Social Media Influencer Initiative, partnering with top influencers on TikTok and Instagram, including Glenny Balls from Barstool Sports. Despite reaching highs of over $1 last month, the company's current share price has dipped to around a higher $0.50 range. We'll be monitoring for potential consolidation in this range.

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